Koia | PINK Bus Tour

Summer is just around the corner, so when our friends at Victoria’s Secret PINK invited us to join them on their campus Summer Sport Tour, we couldn’t think of a better way to get summer ready than to help fuel post workout recovery with plant powered protein across the west coast!

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Koia | Food Navigator – USA

FoodNavigator-USA.com sat down with our CEO, Chris Hunter, to talk about Koia. The article touches on many topics, such as, growth as a company, expansion of new flavors and the importance of uncompromising taste.

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Koia Takes a Road Trip!

Seeking excitement and adventure, our friend Halle Madeleine, took a road trip across the west coast with a few of her friends and brought Koia along for the ride. Halle and her friends: Lex, Juneau and Katie all have a passion for photography and traveling.

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