Koia is craveable, healthy, convenient plant protein

We make our 100% plant protein drinks naturally craveable by creating delicious flavors. We keep in things you recognize, like almonds, pea, brown rice and hemp, and keep out things you don’t want, like excess sugar, artificial ingredients and GMO’s.  All Koia flavors deliver nine essential amino acids, which means you get a complete plant protein in every bottle.  And Koia is ready to drink with no mixing, stirring or shaking – plant powered nutrition on the go!

We start with simple ingredients

We mix a proprietary blend of pea, brown rice and hemp proteins into a creamy almond milk base, then add delicious flavors like cocoa, vanilla or cinnamon to create the Koia flavors you love.

What we stand for


Delicious flavors mean you don’t have to compromise taste just to keep it healthy


Filled with the things you want, never with the things you don’t


Koia is a perfect breakfast on the go or a post workout boost

We believe in nutrition from nature

We do everything to preserve the positive power of plants and deliver that power to you.

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