The Ultimate Guide to the Perfect Summer Road Trip

Koia 101 | February 01, 2022

The Ultimate Guide to the Perfect Summer Road Trip


It’s a true tell summer has arrived when the travel bug starts to itch. More sunshine and free time calls for adventure! Road trips are the perfect way to reach a destination while seeing the sights along the way (Take a look at our road trip with Victoria’s Secret PINK). Though planning a road trip can be a bit overwhelming, we’ve taken the stress out for you by providing these tips to ensure your adventure goes as smoothly as possible!

  1. Have a plan or fly by the wheel!

Some of us are planners, and some of us experience more enjoyment from letting the open roads guide us. Either way, decide which type of traveler you are before you go to ensure you feel completely at ease throughout your journey. You can consult your local travel agent or do some basic research online to feel at ease and map out your destinations!

  1. Come as prepared as possible

That means snacks, snacks, sunscreen, and more snacks. Long hours in between sights and not a lot of healthy options for food along the way means you’ll want to be prepared with as many of your favorite goodies as possible. Make a trip to your favorite healthy food store before you leave to stock up on nutritious snacks that are easy to pack. When you’re on the road for many hours or making stops along the way, you will feel better knowing you have food options that will keep you nourished! Koia is extremely road trip friendly, nutritious, and will satisfy your cravings when hunger hits!

Additionally, make sure you stock up on all the essentials such as sunscreen, water, a first aid kit, and most importantly a camera to capture your most memorable moments.

  1.  Pack a cooler…for those snacks…

A good cooler goes a long way and that summer sun can be intense (check out one of our favorites here). If you don’t have a cooler, add some reusable ice packs to your snack bag! You won’t want to be snacking on sun beaten hummus or sipping a not so chilled drink, so make sure your healthy snacks stay as cool as possible to give you access to refreshing food at your convenience.

  1. Choose your travel buddies wisely

Whether it’s your family, bff, or significant other, this choice can make or break an epic road trip. Make sure you and your travel partner’s expectations of the trip are in sync, which will allow you both the most memorable experience! If necessary, you can even set guidelines or agree on plans before your trip so you both know exactly what you want to get out of the trip!

  1. Stop and explore

Whether your road trip is several days long or just a few short hours, there are bound to be plenty of neat sights throughout your journey. It’s so fun to stop, explore, and make tons of memories along the way. You can even do some research before you go to stake out a pleasant rest stop and park a picnic (and enjoy all those nutritious snacks packed in your cooler!).

These tips and tricks will help you avoid the inevitable bumps along the road (ha, get it?). But, with so many amazing routes and destinations to choose from, you’re bound to have an amazing road trip experience wherever you go.

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By: Nathalie Giller

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