Koia | PINK Bus Tour

Summer is just around the corner, so when our friends at Victoria’s Secret PINK invited us to join them on their campus Summer Sport Tour, we couldn’t think of a better way to get summer ready than to help fuel post workout recovery with plant powered protein across the west coast!

With 8 stops and 9 days we took our job as the official hydration station of the Summer Sport Tour very seriously. Everyone who stopped by got a free bottle of Koia.  We loved sharing the high protein, low sugar, 100% plant based message with everyone who stopped by, as well as seeing the surprised reactions when people tried it.  Most people are really surprised when they try Koia for the first time because they’re expecting the usual plant protein grittiness.  It’s always so much fun to see the surprise!

We were able to educate students on the benefits of Koia and fuel students before and after their classes. Koia is the perfect on the go beverage for people with busy schedules who do not want to compromise their healthy lifestyles. Koia’s 18 grams of plant protein is also perfect for a post workout beverage to help you muscles recover after a tough workout.

We had such a great time educating everyone on the benefits of Koia and being the official sponsor of the hydration station during the Spring 2018 Summer Sport Bus Tour with Victoria Secret PINK!

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