what to expect from the 21 sugar reset challenge

Koia 101 | February 01, 2022

what to expect from the 21 sugar reset challenge


general guidelines

Welcome to the Koia 21 Day Sugar Reset! Are you ready to feel AMAZING this summer? We’re challenging you to commit in a reset with us and make some healthier habits along the way.

why a sugar reset?

Multiple research studies show that overconsuming foods with added sugars can have a negative impact on our overall health. It can affect everything from our skin, digestion, mood, weight, and risk for heart disease.
It’s easier now that ever to consume sugar without even knowing it: it’s hidden in seemingly healthy foods we commonly reach for. When you don’t realize what’s all in your food, it can add up over time.
A reset is exactly what it sounds like: a reboot to retrain your tastebuds to crave less sugar and for you to feel more energized this summer!

Why 21 days?

It takes time for the body to slowly adjust – especially if you are regularly reaching for high sugar foods now. This timeframe will give the time you need to assess how your body responds.

benefits to eating less sugar:

• Consistent and stable energy and less energy crashes
• Clearer skin and brighter complexion
• Less headaches
• Less sugar cravings
• Save money
• Better relationship with sugar and food
•Reduce risk for chronic diseases
• Better digestion
Remember, the goal is never to deprive yourself of any of your favorite foods. You gotta live – and we totally understand! Our goal is to help you become more aware of the amount of sugar that sneaks into the foods we reach for daily – and experience the health benefits that come along the way. It’s about becoming more aware of your habits and for you to become more conscious of your food choices, ultimately building sustainable healthy habits along the way.
By reducing the added sugars we consume, we’re resetting our taste buds so that they’re more sensitive to added sugars – you’ll eventually find that by reducing the amount you consume for a while, even naturally sweet foods like fresh fruit will taste even sweeter.

how much sugar am I suppose to be eating?

(recommendations based on the American Heart Association)
Daily Maximum Recommended Added Sugar Intake
Women: 6 tsp (24 grams)
Men: 9 tsp (36 grams)
Children: 3-6 tsp (12-24 grams)
Food for thought: The average American consumes 20 teaspoons of sugar per day – that comes out around 80 grams! That’s 55% more than we should be consuming on a daily basis. Just to compare, an average can of soda contains 40 grams of sugar per serving.

reset guidelines:

Timeframe: 21 Days!
They say it takes 21 days to build a better habit. We’re all on board for this!
Limit added sugars and artificial sugars as much as possible – be on the lookout for our newsletter with a list of common sugar names to note!
Naturally-occuring sugars are okay in moderation – these are the sugars from whole foods like fruits, vegetables, grains. Keep to a max of 2-3 servings of fruit per day during this reset to keep overall sugar intake in check.
Okay, then what can I actually eat?
• You can have as much whole foods as you want!
• Focus on the basics: water, leafy greens, vegetables, healthy fats like nuts/avocados/olive oil, low sugar fruits like berries, clean proteins – fish, beef, chicken, tofu.
• Stay hydrated – aim to drink enough half your body weight in fluid ounces (i.e. If you are 140 pounds, aim for 70 fluid ounces per day).

i’m in! what’s my next step?

1. Prep the Fridge + Pantry.
Start reading labels! Understand where sugar is hiding and watch out for anything that might contain added sugars. Check dressings, sauces, granolas, and even breads. We’ll be providing a list of common names of sugar you’ll find in packaged products.
2. Stock up on whole foods.
More often that not, real and fresh foods aren’t packed with hidden sugars – it’s your best bet!
3. Make sure you’re subscribed to us!
You’ll get exclusive access to helpful resources designed to keep you on track.
4. Drop the Stress
It might feel like lots of information to take in, but we want to remind you again that this is in no way a diet, cleanse, or restriction of any form. Come with an open mind and see how many benefits manifest in the next 21 days!

final pre-challenge takeaways:

1. This sugar reset is meant for you to reduce the amount of added sugars you consume – and that’s including artificial sugars as well. If you’re use to frequently eating high sugar foods, you might find yourself with a few withdrawal symptoms the first few days – i.e. headache, fatigue. Don’t sweat it – just make sure you stay hydrated and after a few days (average is around 3 days), your body will naturally adjust.
2. Food will start tasting better when you begin this process of recalibrating your taste buds. A lot of foods have a natural sweetness that you will start to pick up on!
Get ready to be more in tune with your body and cravings – and for you to kickstart the summer to maintain habits that make you feel amazing!
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