Fuel your Gut: Get to know prebiotic fiber and the benefits!

blog | August 25, 2023

Fuel your Gut: Get to know prebiotic fiber and the benefits!

Gut health issues have become such a hot topic, and along with the buzz comes products to help solve the problem. Gut health is a complex issue that’s seemingly been boiled down by marketing to one solution: probiotics.

While probiotics are an important piece of the puzzle, the real powerhouse of gut health that’s not talked about as much is prebiotic fiber.

Think of the microbiome as an ecosystem. The bacteria, yeast, and fungi are like the plants and animals that live in the ecosystem. Prebiotics are like the rain and sun. If you take away the rain and the sun, the plants and animals cannot flourish. They are the fuel of the ecosystem. The same goes for your gut. If you’re not consuming prebiotic fiber, no matter how many probiotics you take, your microbiome will not flourish.

Prebiotics not only help feed the good bacteria, but they help suppress opportunistic bacteria, creating an optimal environment for digestive health.

Prebiotics are found in certain plants such as bananas, leeks, garlic, artichoke, oats, asparagus, and chicory root. When we consume these fibers, they travel to our colon where they ferment and turn into short chain fatty acids. These then feed the good bacteria in our gut and can help ease bloating, constipation and other digestive symptoms.

But the benefits of prebiotic fiber go beyond just gut health. Prebiotic fiber can also help you maintain healthy blood sugar levels, increase the absorption of minerals like calcium, and help improve intestinal barrier function which plays a critical role in our immune health.

So if you’re looking to improve your health, a diet rich in prebiotic fibers can help create more balance and homeostasis within your body. Koia protein shakes are great option, each bottle has 7 grams of prebiotic fiber which comes from a blend of chicory root and agave fiber. That is 25% of your suggested daily value of fiber.

Written by Grace Terrell, Holistic Nutritionist @graceful.wellness
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