say so long to excess sugar: simple steps to support cravings

Koia 101 | February 01, 2022

say so long to excess sugar: simple steps to support cravings

Cravings getting to the best of you? Don’t stress – it’s totally normal and all part of the process. Here are some things to consider as you work through what your body is trying to tell you:
Here are 3 reminders to help shift and rewire your thoughts away from perfectionist mindset:

1. ask yourself before eating: am I really hungry or am I eating out of a habit?

Staying mindful of your eating patterns is KEY to maintaining healthy habits. It’s important to recognize when you are hungry vs. when you have a craving.

2. ditch the guilt mindset and honor your cravings.

If you’re truly hungry, then honor your hunger intentionally. If it’s a craving – then honor this too, but in a smart way! It’s normal (we all experience this!) to crave a variety of different food flavors and textures. Ask yourself if this is what you really want or need, then acknowledge it. While we want to avoid too much of it, sugar still has its part in our diet. If it’s possible, see there are lower-sugar swaps when you have a specific craving. For example, finding a lower sugar granola or using less of it in a recipe.

3. sleep WELL

When we don’t get sufficient sleep, the hunger hormone in our body (called ghrelin) increases. This can lead to lead to an increase in appetite and since you’re tired, you might mistake fatigue for hunger – which causes your brain to look for a quick fix of energy to compensate. Getting enough sleep is essential to establishing proper hormonal balance and keeping stress at bay – everything that helps us regulate our appetites.
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