finding sweet balance: overcoming perfectionist mindset

Koia 101 | February 01, 2022

finding sweet balance: overcoming perfectionist mindset

Lots of times when we make lifestyle changes, we get frustrated when results aren’t immediate or when things get tough.
And when that happens, let’s remind ourselves of this: the most sustainable habits are often flexible – meaning that it adapts to each season of life we’re in. Foundational habits stay with you forever – which is why it’s important to establish those first. You’ll feel empowered about your choices no matter what your goals are if you’re able to let go of the perfectionist mindset.
Here are 3 reminders to help shift and rewire your thoughts away from perfectionist mindset:

1. the perfect diet or lifestyle does not exist

It’s okay to set standards for ourselves, but not for the sake of chasing perfection! Knowing your why when it comes to making food choices helps you acknowledge that your choice is for you and no one else.

2. stay flexible and realistic about goals

Different seasons will require different goals. No one stays the same throughout their health journey! For example, your nutrition goals will look different while training for a marathon vs. a season where you’re constantly traveling for work. Avoid the all or nothing approach and set realistic, doable goals. Maybe that looks like swapping out your high sugar drinks for lower sugar options, or deciding to reduce your added sugar intake to only 1-2 times a week.

3. stay consistent

There’s always the next opportunity to make a better choice, so just stay consistent in that mindset. Changes occur over time, so don’t sweat the small stuff. So you had a day where you ate a bit more sugar than normal? One bad day will not deter your goals. Pick up where you left off and make the next choice a healthy decision you feel good about.
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