best practices for shifting marketing focus

Koia 101 | February 01, 2022

best practices for shifting marketing focus


I’m afraid emerging/early stage natural product brands may suffer most given the unusual marketplace dynamics. With our retail partners focused on managing the flood of demand for staples (toilet paper, disinfectant products, beverages), keeping innovation and emerging brands in view may become a challenge. Also, our greatest CPG (consumer packaged goods) marketing tool of driving trial through sampling and events has been severely handicapped. Inspired by @johnforaker rally cry and @waynewu CPG community leadership, I’d love to brainstorm with my CPG peers on best practices for shifting marketing focus during this time of social distancing. I’m happy to kick it off with Koia’s top 3 shifts, but would really love to hear ideas from the community. #foodandbeverage #naturalproducts #emergingbrands #entrepreneurship #cpgmarketing #CoVid19

1. social digital blitzing

We have all blitzed a market or geography, but now we are blitzing our social channels. We have even converted field marketing managers to support our social/digital teams as our goal is to personally respond to every comment and post pertaining to Koia.

2. influencer relationship recruiting

Time to boost our immune system, and we are enlisting the support of plant-based nation to share our passion and Koia goodness, and they are responding on all platforms (Instagram, TikTok, Facebook). Share your reason why and they will help spread the news!

3. live' consumer engagement

We are shifting our consumer engagement from the streets to our laptops. Starting March 20th (at noon Pacific), our Co-founders Maya and Dustin will be hosting Facebook Live events each week to share health, wellness and fitness tips for our Koia Kommunity. 

Before tuning in, see Maya French’s blog for tips on staying healthy during social distancing here.

– Chris Pruneda, CMO

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