5 Tips to Maintain Healthy Habits with Low Sugar in Mind

Koia 101 | February 01, 2022

5 Tips to Maintain Healthy Habits with Low Sugar in Mind

Congrats – you’ve made it to the last week of sweet relief! With just a few more days left in our 21 day challenge – the finish line is now in your line of sight. You’ve got this! By the end of this week – by the end of this challenge with us – we hope you feel AMAZING. But what to do after the challenge? To maintain the benefits you may have experienced and to support your transition back post sugar reset, here are some helpful tips to keep in mind:

1. Reintroduce foods slowly

Take time to evaluate how your body responds to eating food options that you might have passed up on the reset. And take it slow – introduce one food at a time and avoid going straight back into a high sugar diet too soon. Changes in mood, energy, skin, or digestion can be an indicator to listen to your body and continue to make low-sugar food choices.

2. Maintain sugar boundaries

Consider what areas in your life worked and what didn’t: what improved over the past 3 weeks? Energy? Physical changes? You don’t need to go through cleanses and food restrictions to learn about how your body responds to sugar. Use this information moving forward to set boundaries on how often you choose to consume high sugar foods.

3. Make mindful choices during cravings

Stay mindful of your sugar cravings: can you make smarter choices when they strike? Remember that other reasons like stress and sleep also impact our cravings for sugar, so the next time you’re faced with a questionable food choice, stop and ask yourself if it’s actually because you want it or if there’s something else going on.

4. Reality > expectations.

Remember when we encouraged you to throw away the perfectionist mindset? Life is meant to be lived and there’s definitely nothing wrong with a bit of sugar here and there, so when those moments come just embrace them. Aim to get most of your sugars naturally from real, whole foods like vegetables, grains, and whole fruits. When you do, you’ll most likely find that sticking to a low-sugar lifestyle more sustainable and your relationship with consuming sugar improve.

5. Keep at it!

New habits starting to feel more like a lifestyle after 21 days? Great – you can totally keep going! While this reset was not meant to be a long-term plan, it’s definitely available anytime you feel like you need another round to recalibrate your taste buds.
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