10 Easy Ways to Incorporate Movement Into Your Day (Naturally)

Koia 101 | February 01, 2022

10 Easy Ways to Incorporate Movement Into Your Day (Naturally)


It’s tough, we know. Work piles up at the office, the commute to and from is exhausting in itself, and at the end of the day sometimes all you want to do is change into your sweats, crawl on the couch and order Chinese takeout. How on earth does a workout fit into all that???

The truth is, it might not! However, setting a goal to move naturally everyday is more maintainable. By moving naturally, we mean incorporating activity into your day that you don’t need to allot separate time for and can conveniently fit into your daily tasks.

Making movement a natural part of your day burns calories and helps prevent heart disease, which is one of many ways to live a long and healthy life. We want to provide some tips and tricks for making movement a natural part of your day, even when you can’t make that 6pm cycle sesh!

1.) Schedule walking meetings

Next time you schedule a work meeting, try suggesting a walk around the block to your colleague instead of sitting across desks from each other. It might feel weird to make this suggestion at first, but start small with one on one meetings so incorporating movement is more achievable. Low intensity walking activity is shown to be associated with better health including physical function, better quality of life, and lower rates of depression. If you need to ease into this idea,  the next time you have a phone call scheduled try walking while you talk (your colleague doesn’t even have to know)!

2.) Suggest a walk or hike with friends instead of happy hour

It seems as if the only way to play catch up with friends is over drinks or meals, but why not spend this quality time walking or hiking outside? You’ll burn more calories, and there is something about being surrounded in nature that makes time with friends all the more special.

3.) Play outside with your kids or pets

Kids (and dogs!) have all the energy in the world anyway, so play along and naturally move with them! Instead of sending your kids or pups outside to burn off energy solo, try playing along and engage in a fun game of tag or fetch!

4.) Make dance parties an after dinner ritual

This is extremely fun and moving after a meal, especially dinner is shown to help maintain weight. Turn up the tunes, scrub the dishes, and groove a little bit in the process.

5.) Take a lap around the office

Ever notice that you have been staring at a screen for the past five hours and not gotten up once? Set timers every hour to ensure you move by taking a lap around the office and exchange a few hellos. This is mentally and physically beneficial!

6.) Clean your house

Did you know that cleaning is basically a workout? Just think about all that scrubbing, folding, lifting, and organizing. After work or on a lazy Sunday afternoon, set a goal of three areas of your house, room, bathroom etc. that you want to tackle and get to cleaning! You’ll feel accomplished checking off your list and be rewarded with some movement in the process.

7.) Use the stairs

We’ve all had that mental dilemma. Stairs or elevator? Challenge yourself to take the stairs more often. That quick increase in heart rate can go a long way for your health.

8.) Try a standing desk

If you’re working for nine hours a day, all that sitting can take a toll on your body. A standing desk has been shown to burn 170 additional calories during an afternoon of work. Standing desks can be purchased for relatively inexpensive and this one can be altered so you can switch off standing or sitting depending on preference!

9.) Plant a garden

If you’re looking for a weekend or weekday hobby, this one is good for you. Planting gardens is a great source of physical activity because it requires a wide range of movements and also is shown to reduce depression and anxiety. Plus, who doesn’t love vine ripe tomatoes at their doorstep? Check out some ideas for urban garden ideas for even if you have limited space!

10.) Park at a distance

Sometimes you have to do this, but other times you can make it a choice!  That extra quarter mile from your parking spot to your destination is a great way to fit in a brisk walk if you have the time.

There are numerous benefits of incorporating movement into your day: healthier and longer life, increased energy, better sleep at night, and leaner waists are just a few of the amazing results you can achieve from moving daily.  Let us know what kind of natural movement works for you!

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