who we are

koia is not for the few, it’s for the many.

it’s for pescatarians and vegetarians, librarians and humanitarians.

it’s for meat eaters and cheese lovers, gym rats and fly cats. 

it’s for man babies and grown ass women.

koia is for high-horse riders and electric scooter scooterers.

it’s for party goers and stay-at-homers. 

it’s for hippies and hipsters and semi-pro mathletes.

koia satisfies players, haters and all night clubbers. 

but how do we make everyone into koia lovers? 

by making it delicious, delectable, darn right unforgettable.

by changing the way people see plants and how they drink plants too.

by getting them to share koia with their cousins, co-workers and extended crew. 

by doing what other’s simply can’t. 

making people everywhere say

who we are?

when our founders saw firsthand the toll over-stressed lives and bad eating habits had on people, they wanted to create products that enabled people to live healthier lives. In researching what it meant to live a healthy life, they learned about regions in the world  where people lived much longer than others due to healthy behaviors, such as eating a predominantly plant based diet, making movement part of every day, and being socially active

not only is koia so darn delicious with its ideal balance of protein, fiber, and healthy fats to give you stable, long-lasting energy, it’s also:

packed with plant protein in every bottle

brown rice, pea, and chickpea which are combined into a unique plant protein to support your body’s natural renewal and maintenance

craveable plant-based shakes packed with protein 

delicious dessert inspired keto plant-based shakes

flavorful plant-based lattes with extra benefits

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