delicous & nutritious


Koia is not for the few, it’s for the many.

It’s for pescatarians and vegetarians, librarians and authoritarians.

It’s for meat eaters and cheese lovers, gym rats and fly cats.

It’s for man babies and grown ass women.

Koia is for high-horse riders and electric scooter scooterers.

It’s for party goers and stay-at-homers, hippies and hipsters and those who have recently had hip replacements.

Koia satisfies sailors and tailors, landlubbers and all night clubbers.

It provides the same delicious protein to the proletariat as it does the bourgeoisie.

Koia sees no difference between the 99% and the 1%, because Koia is healthy and delicious for the 100%.

But how do we make everyone into Koia lovers? 

By making it delicious, delectable, darn right unforgettable.

By getting them to share Koia with their cousins, co-workers and extended crew.

By changing the way people see plants and how they drink plants too.


our mission

Deliver easy access to healthy, delicious, convenient plant-based nutrition. We only use high-quality ingredients to deliver a balance of complete plant protein, plant-based fats, and fiber for sustained satiation and energy at any time of the day. All Koia products are 100-percent plant-based, low (or no!) sugar, dairy-free, soy-free, gluten-free, vegan and Non-GMO Project verified. Our flavors are simple, approachable, and deliciously over-deliver on consumer expectations. They are shockingly delicious.

in every koia bottle

plant-based protein & nutrition

low in sugar & net carbs

healthy fiber & always delicious