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Frequently Asked Questions

Purchasing Koia

Why did you change the seal on the new Koia bottles?

Koia changed the type of seal we use on the caps from what’s called an induction seal (the pull tabs) to a Pano Cap (which has a tamper resistance band but no pull tab seal underneath).  Due to overwhelming consumer feedback that our bottles were hard to open, we made the switch in March 2018, so any product purchased after this time could be without an inner seal.  While both type of caps are widely used, we did extensive shelf life and safety testing before this launch to ensure you always get the same great Koia you’re enjoying.  Hopefully this change makes drinking Koia even better (and easier to get to!) for you.  Any questions?  Contact Us!

Where can I buy Koia online?

Check out our shop button at the top of the page to see all our product offerings available to purchase online. You can find us on Amazon Fresh in New York, Seattle, Los Angeles, and San Francisco, or in the northeast region.

Can I buy Koia in bulk?

When you order online, you can buy in cases of 12, so that’s the best way to get bulk orders.  Certain retailers may provide a small discount when you purchase by the case, but please check with your retailer to confirm.

Do you sell Koia internationally?

Unfortunately, we’re only sold in the US right now but we’re always looking for new places to take KOIA! Sign up for our newsletter and we’ll announce new expansions.

Koia is out of stock in my store, what should I do?

Be sure to ask the store to stock up, and send us a note to and we’ll get in touch with the store for you! In the meantime check out our shop button at the top of the page to see all our product offerings available to purchase online.

Where can I find Koia in store?

Check out the stores closest to you with our store locator.

What’s in Koia

Where does the Fiber in Koia come from?

The fiber in Koia is chicory root fiber, which comes from the chicory plant.

How much sugar is in a bottle of Koia?

Koia contains just 4g of sugar per bottle, unlike a lot of the protein drinks out there. We use a small amount of organic cane sugar and monkfruit to achieve a balanced flavor without too much sugar.

Does Koia contain whey, soy or dairy?

No, Koia doesn’t contain any of these! Our protein comes from pea, hemp and brown rice.

Is there caffeine in Koia?

The only Koia flavor that contains caffeine is our Cold Brew Coffee. Cold Brew Coffee contains approximately 110mg of caffeine, about the same amount as a 12 oz cup of coffee.

Connecting with Koia

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