Koia | Forbes

We've got huge momentum going into 2019 and we're just getting started! Our Co-founder, Maya French, was featured in Forbes today where she talked about the journey behind creating Koia

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Koia | Bevnet

Looking for convenient snacks that are keto-friendly but also taste amazing? Head over to usnews.com to check out their list of "15 Keto-Friendly Products

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How to make more time in your day for YOU

Do you regularly pass up activities you enjoy simply because you’re just too busy? Don’t worry you’re not the only one! It’s easy to neglect your favorite hobbies, activities, self care routines and even friends when work piles up at school, your kids require ALL your time and attention, or you find yourself sitting in traffic longer than you actually spent at the office (okay, maybe not that long!).

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Koia | The Manual

Koia's CEO and Co-Founder, Chris Hunter, shifted gears in the beverage industry after he saw the need for great tasting, better for you products that everyone could enjoy.

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Koia | OK! Magazine

Did you catch our Fruit Infusions launch party? Head over to OK! Magazine to see Whitney Port making mango smoothies with our brand new Mango Creme flavor!

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