Chocolaty Mocha Madness

This smoothie bowl made with our Cacao Bean and other simple ingredients will help fulfill your hunger and your sweet tooth. Check out the recipe below! 

2 frozen bananas,

1 cup frozen cauliflower

2 tablespoons @omg_superfoods cacao powder

1 tablespoon @manitobamillingflaxseed

1 teaspoon @omg_superfoods ashwaganda,

1/4 cup @drinkkoia cacao bean plant powered protein drink

Splash of @themetabrew MCT & nut-buttered black tea.

@wholefoods raw buckwheat,

@omg_superfoods cacao nibs,

Slices of banana, blueberries,

Dark chocolate covered coffee beans,

Dollop of tahini on top


First blend frozen bananas, 1 cup cauliflower and Koia until creamy thick texture. Second, add cacao powder, flaxseed, ashwagnada and MCT and nut butter black tea to creamy mixture. Next, add toppings: raw buckwheat cacao nibs, blueberries, bananas and dark chocolate covered coffee beans. Lastly, drizzle tahini on stop and enjoy!

Created by : @Ducklet1