Chocolate Maple Avocado Pudding w/ Tahini Hemp Maple Sauce

Check out the recipe below for this decadent, rich, and satisfying guilt free snack made with Cacao Bean!  


(place jar in freezer to keep cold while making pudding and sauce)

1 & ½ avocado

1 small frozen banana

½ cup frozen zucchini

2 soaked & pitted dates

2 tablespoons @omg_superfoods cacao powder

1 heaping tbsp. @eatnuttzo Power Fuel nut butter

1 tbsp. homemade maple syrup

splash of @drinkkoia cacao bean



3 tbsps. Organic sesame tahini

1 tbsp. homemade maple syrup

1 tbsp. @manitobaharvest hempseed

(stir together and add a bit of cold water if mixture is too thick)


Spoon tahini sauce in with chocolate pudding, more tahini, more pudding then top with

@salbachia dark chocolate covered chia seeds w/ @manitobaharvest hempseed and @squareorganics chocolate covered protein bar


Created by: @ducklet1