— protein shakes —

craveable plant-based shakes packed with protein

koia protein vanilla bean widget photo
vanilla bean
say hello to your new favorite classic milkless shake

koia protein cacao bean widget photo
cacao bean
100% chocolate milk taste, 0% dairy. packed with protein, not with sugar

koia protein chocolate banana widget photo
chocolate banana
go guilt-free bananas over this low sugar, high protein delectable combo

koia protein chocolate peanut butter widget photo
chocolate peanut butter
a drinkable peanut butter cup that's as good for you as it tastes

koia protein coconut almond widget photo
coconut almond
for all of you coco-nuts who aren’t so nuts about dairy, soy or sugar

koia protein cold brew coffee widget photo
cold brew coffee
caffeine + protein = delicious dream team

koia protein cinnamon horchata widget photo
cinnamon horchata
all the rich, creamy, cinnamony goodness, without the sugary badness

— keto shakes —

delicious dessert inspired keto plant-based shakes

koia keto chocolate brownie main 2g net
chocolate brownie
like a gooey fresh brownie fresh out of the oven...except chilled and waaay less carby

koia protein caramel creme main 2g
caramel creme
scorched caramel + rich coconut cream (minus the sugar) = the sweetest dream

koia keto cake batter main 2g net
cake batter
have your cake and drink it too - without the sugar crash

koia keto cookies n cream main 2g
cookies 'n creme
double stuffed with flavor and nutritious goodness, not sugary junk

— coffee drinks —

flavorful plant-based lattes with extra benefits

koia coffee mocha latte main
mocha latte
coffee and chocolate and protein + MCT oil? you’re welcome

koia coffee vanilla latte main
vanilla latte
we made this classic favorite, deliciously extra #non-basic

koia coffee salted caramel main
salted caramel
scorched caramel + rich coconut cream (minus the sugar) = the sweetest dream