#koiakares – a perfect positive pivot by koia’s marketing team

a perfect positive pivot by koia's marketing team

With social distancing eliminating field marketing tactics, Koia’s field marketing team (led by Makenna Frahmann) shifted our sampling focus to a very special consumer group – our frontline healthcare professionals and first responders. Our brave and dedicated nurses and doctors are in dire need of easy, fast, and convenient nutrition (Koia is perfect for them – wipe it down and drink up the plant-based protein goodness). They are also a consumer group that is truly meaningful to our brand FOREVER. A perfect positive pivot by Koia’s marketing team. 

With safety in mind, our team has delivered over 23,600 bottles of Koia to area hospitals, fire stations and response centers. We put together a quick collage of photos and responses we have received from our healthcare heroes. Proud of our team and proud of all the industry peers that we have seen doing the same.  

– Chris Pruneda, CMO

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