mission 10

Koia Testimonial Video

mission rewards:

5 people will be randomly selected to win 1 case (12 bottles) of Koia 

10 people will be randomly selected to receive a Koia Krew t-shirt

mission objective:

We want to hear why you love the koia krew! Record a short video explaining why you love the koia krew and why other people should join!

mission details:

Follow these three simple steps to complete your mission:

1. Record a short video (10-30 seconds) explaining why you joined the Krew and why you love being a part of the Krew. We’ve included some examples below but we want to hear your honest feedback! Our goal is to make 2021 Koia Krew even better and with your feedback, we can make that a reality!


  • “I love the koia krew because I’m a part of a  fun-supportive community and I get inside access to new product drops before everyone else does.”
  • “I like getting free coupons and would get alerts on when Koia would go on sale at certain retailers or online.”
  • “It’s been fun to complete the missions and get a chance to win prizes.” 
  • “I would recommend joining the Krew because…”

2. Click this link to upload your video.

3. Let us know that you’ve completed the mission by completing the form below.

completed your mission?

enter the email you used when you signed up for the Koia Krew and check the box to let us know that you’ve successfully completed the mission