mission 1

recruit a friend to join the krew

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mission rewards:

first 10 people to complete the mission will receive 1 case
(6 bottles) of koia

the next 20 people will receive a koia krew t-shirt

mission objective:

life’s more fun with friends! So invite all your friends to join the koia Krew and we’ll all have a party

mission details:

follow these three simple steps to complete your mission:

1. save the photo below and post it on your Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.

2. write a caption inviting your friends to join the koia krew. You can say something like:

So excited to be a part of the koia krew! @drinkkoia #koiakrew #krewmission1

if you are posting to Instagram, please tag @drinkkoia and add the hashtag #koiakrew #krewmission1 at the end of your caption

3. once you’ve shared the photo on your social networks, let us know that you’ve completed the mission by submitting the form below 

completed your mission?

enter the email you used when you signed up for the Koia Krew and check the box to let us know that you’ve successfully completed the mission