sharable elevated coffee + adaptogens

5g C8 MCT Oil

5g of the highest quality MCT oil to provide a fast source of clean fuel for your body

coconut milk base

a delicious dairy-free source of good fats to help you meet your keto macronutrient needs

plant protein

a proprietary complete protein blend of brown rice, pea and chickpea proteins with all 9 essential amino acids to support your body's natural renewal and maintenance

boost your inner genius with mental clarity

+ adaptogens including:

lion’s mane (1000mg)
supports cognitive health by helping with focus and mood enhancement


rhodiola powder (400mg)
helps reduce stress-induced fatigue and boost cognitive support

boost your inner warrior with focused energy

+ adaptogens including:

cordyceps (1,500mg)
supports a healthy immune system, energy and stamina


maca root (400mg)
enhances mood while increasing energy and endurance

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