How to Discover Your Life’s Purpose

There is no greater feeling in life than waking up knowing exactly what you’re set out to do and actually accomplishing it. In fact, even larger than a “great feeling,” knowing your purpose can help you live a longer, healthier life.

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Koia | The Manual

Koia's CEO and Co-Founder, Chris Hunter, shifted gears in the beverage industry after he saw the need for great tasting, better for you products that everyone could enjoy.

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7 Ways to Help You Transition to a Plant Based Diet

There benefits of eating a primarily plant based diet are tremendous. But, that doesn’t go without saying the initial transition is a smooth and seamless journey. Whether your reasons for eating plant based are health, sustainability, or animal rights related, we’ve got you covered with ways to make your transition as smooth, easy and delicious as possible!

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Koia | Bevnet

Did you know that over 75% of consumers are trying to reduce their sugar intake? However, the top selling fruit protein drinks contain over 50g of sugar per bottle! 

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Koia | OK! Magazine

Did you catch our Fruit Infusions launch party? Head over to OK! Magazine to see Whitney Port making mango smoothies with our brand new Mango Creme flavor!

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Koia | Eat This, Not That!

Did you know most fruit smoothies or protein drinks are packed with over 50g of sugar? Here at Koia, we decided to take matters into our own hands and  come up with fruit flavors everyone knows and loves with out the excess sugar.

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Back to School: Steps for an Easier Morning Routine

As long days at the beach, weekly BBQs with friends and family, and that hot summer sun dwindles away, the nerves and excitement of a new part of the year starts to set in! Whether your heading back to school, preparing for your kids to head back to school, or your simply transitioning out of that “summer vacation mode” at work, this part of the year comes with many new transitions.

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