Benefits of Social Relationships

Yes, you may have received a gazillion likes on Instagram, weigh in on group chats on iMessage daily, and your Snapchat streaks? OFF the charts! But, if the majority of your social interactions come from your activity on social media, you may be missing out on some serious health benefits that come from bonding with your pals in person!

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Koia | Climbing Magazine

You do not need to compromise your healthy lifestyle to satisfy your sweet tooth with Koia! Koia offers 18g of plant protein with only 4g sugar and the best part is it tastes amazing!

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The Power of Simplicity: Why Excess Sugar Hurts Your Health

In light of National Simplicity Day we’re highlighting the importance of low sugar and how simple and minimal ingredients often have positive benefits on our health. Sugar is something we think should be kept as minimal as possible because too much of it is shown to have detrimental impacts on our health.

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Koia | PopSugar

Lets face it, we've all been in the mood for a creamy vanilla milkshake but feel guilty compromising our healthy lifestyle with all the added sugar and dairy?

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